LRK (LRK LARK DISTILLING CO. LTD) is based in Tasmania, Australia.


Company is having current Market Cap. $170.28M with share price at $2.730 listed on ASX. It was formerly owned and known as Australian Whiskey Holdings.

Things did not work initially hence change of board; now in charge Director Mr Geoff Bainbridge and associated entities holds 5.54 % (share 3,474,033). Director Mr. David Dearie owns 1,130,000 expiry 31/12/2026. Quality Life Pty Ltd holds 6,004,513 (11.03%) which loaned additional $5,000,000. Chairman Mr David Dearie have 30 year experience in alcohol retailing distribution as founding CEO of Treasury Wines Estates (ASX:TWE) and senior positions with Fosters Group Ltd.

Company focuses on Limited Release Whiskies with one product Brokenwood Graveyard Shiraz 700mL ($1200.00) and other from $139 to $299 for 500Ml. Other product is FORTY SPOTTED GIN range from $55.99 to $89.99. Company own a bar situated on the Hobart waterfront, ‘Lark Cellar Door and Whisky Bar’.

Recently, Company reported gross sales $3,991,091 with growth of 175% and gross profit of $2,281,198 with the growth of 210% in Q3 FY 2021. Overall Operating cashflows does look positive. As of 29 Jan 2021, company holds 818,000 litres of whiskey under maturation as company reported with value of $113,639,301 and plans to hold in excess of 1 million litres at end of F2021. Key distribution to increase in National Costco, First Choice, Liquorland, Dan Murphy’s and new Lark Shopify Website. Company reported on 29 Jan 2021 as invested $362k investment in Cambridge production facility.

Company’s Facebook page Lark Distillery (bar) have 19,574 likes with reviews 4.7 out of 5 and mostly positive comments except high price. Current marketing on facebook as follows:

Source: Facebook ads

There has been recent resign of Non-Executive Director Mr. Laurent Ly (former-CEO of Bellamy’s) and substantial shareholder selling from Ace Cosmo Development which did put pressure on share price for few weeks. Dealing with another company naming Seppeltsfield Wines, a company associated with Mr Warren Randall is Non-Executive Director. The Loan $5,000,000 which Quality Life Pty Ltd leaded on interest rate 4% per annum plus the RBA published cash rate paid quarterly..

Key points:

Current Market Cap. $170.28M with share price at $2.730
Whiskey under maturation valued at $113,639,301
Management holds Substantial shares
Chairman Mr David Dearie have 30 year experience

Source: LRK Website and investor reports.

Please do your own research before buying or selling, This is not any kind of recommendation. Author hold shares.

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